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Mentoring a New Generation for Life

Your gift makes camp possible for campers in need. 


Summer registrations begins! Camps are ready, are you!?

Ways to give

Make camp possible for campers and teen work CREW members. 

Suggested Donation (15€)


        Our outdoor education training is designed for youth, schools, churches and                             young adults.

From my own experience I know that camps like these can change children’s lives. The positive experiences they get at these places stay with them through the whole life, so that’s why I would warmly recommend any of the DPB camps. Your children will truly enjoy!  
A Satisfied Mom

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Overview of the Whole Bible - for Kids


MK Spring Retreat - we will have MK`s gathered together for worship April 8-11th. Pray for protection on the road, for God to touch their hearts and draw them into worship where they "Delight in Him." 

Together to the Top Part 2 - event in which we are inviting all our volunteers to join us with a sport of their choice on April 25th in order to raise donations so we can help campers and CREW members in need. 

Statutes Changes- Croatia's laws changed regarding non-profit organizations so we have a new challenge. Please pray for wisdom as our team works on putting new statutes together enabling us to expand ministry and abide by the new laws governing our land. 

Summer preparation: Second year of Leadership Lab International is taking place at the DPB House. Please, pray the for right students to come and join us for this 2 months of adventure.  Pray for unity, willingness to change, God's provision in all areas that they need in order to come, and for protection. 

CREW - Registration has begun. Please pray for the right teens to come to serve in operations and logistics with us during camp season. Pray God will prepare their hearts for times of training, stretching, learning and for a willingness to change. 

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