Mentoring a New Generation for Life

Training in Creation 

Come and learn more about Gorski Kotar through our Soil SafariWilderness Exploration or Forest Adventure program. Students and teachers will discover through this hands-on training more about God’s creation, society and themselves and what it means to be responsible citizens who will face the challenges of preserving, enjoying and caring for their community and the natural world. 

Our Explorers program may be adapted to a values only program depending on the guidelines the school needs to follow regarding religious education. 

Soil Safari: On Soil Safari participants explore the structure of the earth and its layers, types of soils and the importance of soil in our daily lives.  Participants will also actively discover more about soil in our decomposers garden.

Forest Adventure: Your Explorers will discover basic tree structures and characteristics and the valuable resources forests are. 

Wilderness Exploration: Your Adventurers will find evidence of living creatures that inhabit Severin na Kupi from bugs, to birds, to other animals that inhabit the woods. 

School in Nature Booklet

We invite you and your students to join us in one of our experiential learning programs in beautiful Gorski Kotar. Learn more about our programs in this booklet. 

50 Things to Do @ the DPB House

See the possibilities at the DPB House and use this flyer with our staff to design a program to meet your desired outcomes for your school.