Mentoring a New Generation for Life

OSMICA begins October 6, 2017!

More than a KNOT! Join us on Thursdays from 5:30-7:30 to learn more about tow of our loves. A love for God which is foundational to our lives and our love for the sport of rock climbing. 

Besides connecting with other climbers, developing friendships and growing in climbing skills our purpose is to promote Christian values which can be implemented into our everyday lives.

“Osmica” was organized in Zagreb as the first Christian Climbing Group in Croatia in the fall of 2007. We have used this sport at the DPB Kuća since 2002 to not only teach life skills, but to also teach biblical truth. 

Time: Thurs. 5:30-7:30

Weekly fee: 35 kn includes equipment; parents 35 kn or 15 kn non-climbing.

What to wear: t-shirts, shorts or sweats.  Do not wear loose, bulky clothes or jewelry.  Girls please tie back hair. OSMICA t-shirts are available for a 50 kn donation.

Age Ranges:

  • 6-14

Programs: (See Below for Descriptions)

  • OSMICA (ages 6-11):  
  • OSMICA ATC (ages 12-14):
  • OSMICA CREW (ages 15-17 Invitation Only)
  • 18+ Leaders


All participants must fill out an Osmica and Gym liability waiver and agreement to follow the gym and Osmica rules.  Minors require a parent signature.  Horse play is not permitted.

Osmica is also a community and we enjoy celebrating special occassions together such as birthdays and Christmas.  For these times we invite members to bring food and drinks from home. 


Every session begins with registration.  Participants sign in, pay the session fee and select their climbing shoes which they change into in the locker rooms. 

Climbing Huddle:

Here is where our climbers are challenged to consider various Christian values such as respect, responsibility, trust, courage, integrity, team work, compassion, perseverance and much more as we look together at various passages from the Bible. 

Warm Up:

We kick off our meetings with stretching, warm up activities and introduction to the night’s theme.

Skill Development :

Following warm up, we begin our training by focusing on skill development specific to each climber.  


After the first session, it is time to take a short water and food break. We ask that all participants bring water and a snack.


This is the time when our climbers are given opportunities to grow in their skill development by taking on new challenges in bouldering, top rope or lead climbing. 

Equipment Care:

At the end of every session our climbers are expected to help by putting away and caring for all the climbing equipment. 

Škorpikova 11, zagreb

We meet at the Zagreb Climbing Center located on the north side of Škorpikova 11 

( Trgovački centar Solidum )

OSMICA - Group Descriptions

Children ages 6 – 11 are encouraged to explore the sport and develop foundational disciplines in learning God’s truth and developing as a Christian climbing community. These are our beginning climbers who are introduced to the sport of rock climbing under the supervision of our assistant instructors. At this level, members learn the five-finger contract (encouragement, direction, no put-downs, commitment and safety), which reinforces our values of respect, responsibility and belonging.

This level is for our 12 – 14 year olds who demonstrate they are committed to following Osmica’s Christian values including spending time in God’s Word on a consistent basis. Teens and pre-teens are taught to belay their fellow climbers and to take care of both the climbing community and equipment. ATC members are given the opportunity to lead parts of the Climbing huddle, work together as a team and are encouraged to foster spiritual disciplines.

CREW membership is offered to a select few teenagers between ages 15 -17 who demonstrate leadership potential and consistently model the values of our group. These young people assist the instructors in coaching climbers and are mentored to train others in climbing and to develop in living out the Christian life.