Mentoring a New Generation for Life

The DPB Kuća is dedicated to inviting students and teachers to discover more about God’s creation, society and themselves and to develop responsible citizens who will face the challenges of preserving, enjoying and caring for their community and the natural world. Our school program may be adapted to a values only program depending on the guidelines the school needs to follow regarding religious education. 


The programs we offer are experiential and multisensory in nature. They provide children and youth with hands on, outdoor, inquiry-based, fun, team learning.


  • Awaken curiosity and motivate life-long learning.
  • Inspire creativity, develop skills and encourage teamwork.
  • Provide a professional and quality program where teachers and students learn together.
  • Promote values such as honesty, respect, responsibility, perseverance, compassion, patience, fairness, cooperation, reliability and courage.