Mentoring a New Generation for Life

Together to the Top 2016
09.12. ZAGREB • 10.12. ZADAR
You can make a difference as we reach our goal together and provide a blessing to families and many children in summer season!

Please pray for a blessed and successful T2T event and that God provides for all the necessary funds to come in. Pray for good weather as many of the sports will occur outdoors and safety for all participants. Also keep in your prayers the T2T team that is  organizing this event in different countries. 

Join the event in Zagreb or do it separately in your city or country. Because to participate all you have to do is:

  • choose 1 SPORT;
  • give 2 HOURS of your time;
  • find 3 or more SPONSORS who will support you.

Various sports that other participants choose are biking, rock climbing, running, swimming, rollerblading, hiking and more. Each of your sponsors will donate a certain amount for the sport that you participate in during this event (e.g. every route, lap or km is sponsored a certain amount). We suggest the 2 h time-frame, but feel free to choose whatever works the best for you. Apply by sending email to

Many of T2T participants are our campers, CREW alumni and volunteers, you can sponsor one of them to provide campers in need and CREW members with the necessary scholarship. Sign up to support one of them by sending email to and writing how much you pledge to contribute. Also you can partner with us in the ministry God is doing through the DPB House by donating now.


Download any of the graphics or flyer below to use in helping promote Together 2 Top: Logo lockup allows you to combine your logo with the T2T logo. For example, you can change your profile picture on Facebook to raise more awareness about the event.